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What’s on the Cantonese Dinning Table

When the Minor Heat, one of the 24 Chinese solar terms comes, the temperature would rise to its highest point of the year. During this period, it seems that the Cantonese could not live without melons, such as white gourd, towel gourd and cucumbers. White gourd has a great variety, Taishan’s white gourd with black [...]

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Shanghai Dialect

Shanghai dialect is a dialect spoken in the city of Shanghai and the surrounding region. Shanghainese, like other Wu dialects, is largely not mutually intelligible with other Chinese dialects such as Standard Mandarin. The term "Shanghainese" in English sometimes refers to all Wu Chinese dialects. It is only partially intelligible with other subbranches of the [...]

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Chaozhou Cuisine

Chaozhou is the name of a coastal region around the Shantou district of eastern Guangdong Province. One of the major schools in Guangdong cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine originated from Chaoshan Plain about one thousand years ago. Naturally, as a fishing area, seafood features prominently in Chaozhou cuisine, which is often enhanced by piquant sauces, such as [...]

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