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Mid-Autumn Festival

Origins: During the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), the 15th day of the eighth lunar month was designated as the Mid-Autumn Festival. During the Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century – 256 BC), the night of the roundest moon of the year was an occasion for the Chinese to hold rituals to greet the cool weather and [...]

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The Autumn in Chinese Sanqu Poetry

When “Autumn” mentioned, the first reaction of people is the well-known “Tian Jing Sha·Qiu Si”( Tian Jing Sha: Thoughts in Autumn) from Ma Zhiyuan(1250–1321) of Yuan Dynasty. Ma was a great Chinese poet and celebrated playwright, among whose achievements is the development and popularizing of the new sanqu lyric form of poetry. His work mainly [...]

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