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Wen Tianxiang Monuments

Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283), a loyal minister appeared at the time when the Southern Song Dynasty was collapsing. The Yuan Dynasty could conquer the Song Dynasty that had lasted for 300 years and built a great empire, but it could not conquer Wen Tianxing’s loyalty to the Song Dynasty. Monuments are built over many places, to [...]

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Huangdi (Yellow Emperor)

Huangdi is considered to be the founder of Chinese civilization as well as its first ancestor. He lived about 4 thousand years ago, during the time of patriarchal clan community, and was the mystical chief of one of the strongest tribes in the middle valley of the Yellow River. During the period many tribes came [...]

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City Planning First Appeared in Zhou Dynasty

In the Western Zhou Dynasty (1,100-771BC), the relationship between palace and capital city became closer, this is evident from the "Kao Gongji" (Notes on the Inspection of Engineering Work) recording the then planning system of the capital city of Luoyi. The book says: The Wang Cheng (imperial city) built by artisan was in a square [...]

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