Nanjing Road in Shanghai

Nanjing Road is the major business centers in Shanghai, east from the Bund, the West arrived in Jing’an Temple, with a length of 5 km. The road was so named by the imperialists in memory of the humiliating Treaty of Nanjing in 1842, forced down China’s throat at the end of the Opium War. The name has been retained so that the Chinese people will not forget how that treaty brought them losses of territory and sovereignty.

clip image002 thumb5 Nanjing Road in ShanghaiAs early as in 1843, after the port opening in Shanghai, Nanjing Road had already established the status of the birthplace of modern commerce, known as the " ten-mile foreign field." By the 1930s, the "ten-mile foreign field" Nanjing Road gained itself a huge fame which spread overseas. Xianshi (clothing company), Yong-an (now the U-center), Xinxin (food companies), Daxin (now the first department store) four companies were the most modern shopping malls.

Through the winter of 50s-70s, in the 80s of last century, the government of Huangpu District conducted a comprehensive transformation and fitment to 200 fashion companies in Nanjing Road, such as the first department store, turning the road into an integrated commercial street including food, clothing, housing, touring. At that time the shoppers, long lists in their hands, speaking the dialects of many parts of the country, hundled and shuttled among the thickly dotted shops alongside the road. The charm to pursue in Nanjing Road lies in its specialty products, craftworks and services, well-known as the operating principles that "people have, we first," "people first, we unique," and "people unique, we excellent ".
September 20, 1999, Nanjing Roadbecame an all-weather pedestrian street (intersection between Henan Road to Xizang Road), and further highlighted "shopping, tourism, leisure, business, display" the five major functions. Along the 1033 meters long, 20-28 meters wide and more than 8,000 square meters of green area, over one thousand of traditional and newly-opened shops lined at both sides which created a fascinating charm of street style. Neon is a big attraction here at night. Many foreign visitors enjoyed much and praised that the colorful light here is no less than any downtown in Tokyo, Hong Kong or Bangkok.

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