China’s Early Development of Laser Technology

clip image002 thumb3 China’s Early Development of Laser TechnologyIn 1957, Wang Daheng and other scientists set up China’s first professional optical Institute – the Chinese Academy of Sciences Optical Precision Instruments Machinery Research Institute (“MRI”) in Changchun. Under the leadership of the older generation of experts, a number of young science and technology workers grew rapidly, Deng Ximing is one of the outstanding representatives. As early as in 1958, not long after the United States physicists Xiaoluo, Townes published their famous laser papers, he actively promoted this new technology research, then with the combination of the innovative spirit of the young and middle-aged research team proposed substantial increase brightness light source, color units, coherence of ideas and experimental programs in a short time, In 1960 the world’s first laser came out. In the summer of 1961, under the auspices of Wang Zhijiang, China’s first ruby laser developed. Within a short space of a few years, laser technology developed rapidly, and a number of advanced achievements were produced. Various types of solids, gases, chemicals and semiconductor lasers have been successfully developed. In the basic research and key technologies, a series of new concepts, new methods and new technologies ( such as mutation and cavity Q-to-Q, traveling wave amplification, Re-use system, free electron oscillations radiation, etc.) have been put forward and implemented, many of which are unique.

At the same time, as high-brightness, high-directional, high-quality, and other advanced features of the new light source, laser was used in various technical fields quickly, demonstrating a strong vitality and competitiveness. On communication, in September 1964, television pictures were transmitted by laser demonstration, and in November 1964, calls were achieved in 3 km to 30 km. On industry, in May 1965, with laser drilling machine successfully used in Drawing Die Blanking production, significant economic benefits were acquired. On medicine, in June 1965, retinal laser welding for the animals and clinical trials were conducted. On national defense, in December 1965, laser rangefinder Diffuse Reflectance (accuracy of 10m/10km) successfully developed, and in April 1966, remote control pulse laser Doppler velocimeter successfully developed.

characters thumb3 China’s Early Development of Laser Technology

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