Three Treasures of Fuzhou


clip image002 thumb Three Treasures of FuzhouThree Treasures of Fuzhou refer to the three traditional art crafts spread in the Fuzhou area – lacquer, cork pictures, and ox horn comb.

clip image004 thumb Three Treasures of FuzhouLacquer – These products are well known by their beauty and anticorrosive traits, including decorative screens, vases, tea services, smoking sets and stationery etc. Fuzhou lacquer is made from either clay-embryo or wood- embryo. The making approach of a normal lacquer counts up to 45 procedures, and some delicate ones even need over 100 procedures.

Cork Pictures – Cork is used to make hanging screens, folding screens and decorative articles depicting landscapes, characters, animals and birds. clip image006 thumb Three Treasures of FuzhouHandcrafters use traditional Chinese garden “box view” approach to create novel and unique composition. Most of the content reflects the sights, monuments and flowers, insects, fish, with more than 200 specifications.

Ox Horn Comb – Comb carved from horn. Horn combs are made of keratin which is very good for the scalp and which is the same protein that hair is made of. So it eliminates static and helps keep the natural oils retained in the hair. Never will two combs have the same pattern or coloring, even though they are available in most of the usual craft shops.

Characters thumb1 Three Treasures of Fuzhou

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