On the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year

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On the 3rd day of the Luna Calendar New Year, it’s said that people can sleep late, because they have been very tired since New Year’s, and this day can be a good rest, no more need to go out or serve guests. According to folklore, this is the "rat married" day, it should be better to turn off the light early at night so that rodent family can hold their weddings, and salt and rice should be sprinkled around the home, known as the "rat share the booty."

Burning Door-god Paper

Traditionally in the evening of the third-day of the New Year, the branches of pine and cypress hanging at the doors as well as the Door God papers on the door’s surface should all be burnt, so that the old year can be finished, and the time to start a new drive for a living is initiated. An old saying thus goes that: "Door god paper burned, individuals seeking new lives.”

Millet Birthday

People thought that the 3rd day of Chinese New Year was the birthday of millet. On this day people pray the new year and bear the prohibition of consumption of rice.

Small-year Worship

Also known as Heaven Celebrating Day, the day is one of Song Dynasty court festivals. It’s said that once upon a time there came a book from heaven on the earth, under the edict of Zhenzong Emperor of Song Dynasty, the day is named the court festival, when all the officers have a five days vocation. Later on it is referred to as "small-year Whorship", without sweeping the floor, not begging the fire, not drawing water – the same as the yearly worship festival.

Red Dog Day

The day is also called red dog day. Red dog is the god of blaze anger, one of the so-called Five Ancient Emperors. Folks believe that this day red dog down to earth, if anyone encounters it he will get bad luck, therefore, on this "small-year worship" day people should follow the worship ritual.

Sacrifice Day

On the third day of the New Year, women who get married will offer the sacrifices to the deceased parents at hometown. This day they generally go to the grave mound to burn some money, place some offerings, and discharge some firecrackers. Note that it is not the same as the worship on New Year’s Eve which is for the ancestors is to "thank to the year" and invite the ancestral home for dinner.

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2 Responses to On the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year

  1. Robert says:

    Oops! I guess I can only write in English. I said:

    Happy New Year!
    May the Year of the Rat be prosperous!

  2. fusu says:

    Sharing the spoils of festivals with nature is charitable.

    Burnt offerings are always welcome.

    Grains are bidden but different grains are given respect.

    One who considers some others as guardians or protectors can be given ritual. Hell notes are preferable as a burnt offering so as not to damage legal tender.

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