Official System

clip image0011 thumb Official SystemThe establishment of the official system showed that the human society had entered the class society and it served the need of the ruling class. Henceforth, the feudal bureaucracy came into being with emperor as its core and landlord class as its base.

Under such feudal hierarchy, officials at all levels were only accountable for the emperor. The authorities of officials varied with their rankings and they became a class of dignitaries themselves. The emperor had absolute power over whom to be appointed or to be dismissed, to be rewarded or to be wiped out.

clip image0031 thumb Official SystemThe ancient Chinese feudal official system was composed of two tiers of bureaucracy: the central and the regional, all under the emperor. As the assistant to the emperor in governing the country, the central government was an executive body consisting of prime minister, assistant to the prime minister and other relevant departments. At local level the framework of governing bodies were well established with each level of them tightly monitored by the central government. At the same time, the system of selecting and supervising on officials was well developed. The official system was the pillar of feudal, autocratic and centralized governments.


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