Marriage Cost in China

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Weddings are so important in China that couples are willing to fork out dozens of times their monthly income on getting hitched and everything that comes with it. A survey of marriages consumption in 2006-2007 analyzed 60,000 China’s newly-weds in urban areas showed that about 560,000 Yuan (80,000 USD) on average will be spent.

A portion of the spending went on apartment, furniture, household appliances and vehicle, the rest was spent on the wedding, such as the ceremony, photography, wedding dresses, jewels and feast. The survey said the wedding expenditure was only a small share (about 140,000 Yuan) of the overall marriage cost as most Chinese young couples in the cities tended to buy an apartment and a car before tying the knot. Such a big expense often cannot be afford by the couples, by the survey, about 81.6 percent of the newly-weds admitted that they had got financial support from parents as their monthly income on average was only about 6,240 Yuan. The survey also showed that about 85.63 percent of the newly-weds chose having wedding photography as a priority and 78.74 chose hosting a wedding banquet.

East China represented by Shanghai is the highest areas in the cost of marriage. Shanghai’s newly married couples spent about 187,000 Yuan on average (not including the purchase of new homes and new cars), ahead of the consumption of 7 years, ranked the top of the marriage cost of China. France “European Times” reported that: couples in Shanghai would consume about the same cost with the Americans in the marriage. A report from CNN in February of 2006 said, in United States a book publishing house surveyed 1619 married women showed that the United States newlyweds spent an average of 27,852 U.S. dollars.

In contrast, young couples in rural areas spent about 40,000 Yuan on average on marriage-related issues, less than one third of their city peers, according to the report. About 8.49 million couples got married in China in 2006.

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