JingDeZhen’s Ancient Kiln · Folk Customs Exhibition Spot

clip image002 thumb19 JingDeZhen’s Ancient Kiln · Folk Customs Exhibition SpotAncient Kiln · Folk Customs Exhibition Spot is the original Ceramic History Exhibition Spot lying on Panlong Hillock, Maple Mountain to the west of JingDeZhen. Taking up 83 hectares, it is a combination of ceramic culture exhibition, ceramic making and public entertainment, been graded AAAA scenery spot, national patriotism educational base, and also the garden unit of Jiangxi Province. As the best ceramic culture tourist spot in JingDeZhen, it is consisted mainly by two parts that Ancient Kiln Porcelain Factory and Ceramic Folk Customs Museum.

In Ancient Kiln Porcelain Factory, you can find ancient porcelain-making workshops, the JingDeZhen’s kilns, Temple of the kiln god, porcelain shops as well as porcelain factories. They showed people the special porcelain customs of JingDeZhen in Ming and Qing dynasties, the architectural distribution of ancient porcelain making workshop, and the craft process of porcelain hand-making in JingdeZhen along with some exquisite traditional famous porcelain and modern products which reflected their exalted status and testified to virtuosos’ prominence.clip image004 thumb13 JingDeZhen’s Ancient Kiln · Folk Customs Exhibition Spot

Ceramic Folk Customs Museum is a garden-style museum with twelve ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties in center. In the museum, there are ceramic folk customs exhibitions, Groups of ancient kiln, the Empress Temple, Temple of the Founder, the porcelain stele gallery, and also a performance theater where one can enjoy melody of the porcelain music instruments.

Walking in the exhibition spot, people will feel as if being cut off from the outside world for ages. The ancient civilization and the modern civilization are in perfect harmony which gets people to realize the broad and profound ceramic culture in the China earth.

characters thumb18 JingDeZhen’s Ancient Kiln · Folk Customs Exhibition Spot

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