What’s on the Cantonese Dinning Table

clip image002 thumb6 What’s on the Cantonese Dinning TableWhen the Minor Heat, one of the 24 Chinese solar terms comes, the temperature would rise to its highest point of the year. During this period, it seems that the Cantonese could not live without melons, such as white gourd, towel gourd and cucumbers.

White gourd has a great variety, Taishan’s white gourd with black peel, Holland’s mini white gourd and Duyuan’s white gourd.

It is just the right time to eat white gourd in summer. With numerous ingredients to choose from, it is splendid to have white gourd soups in this season. From Holland’s mini gourd bowl to the soup in huge white gourd, everyone could find the one that suits you best.

Characters thumb What’s on the Cantonese Dinning Table

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