Snack Streets of Nanjing

Fuzimiao Street (Gongyuan Street)

clip image002 thumb11 Snack Streets of NanjingMost travelers find local delicacies in Nanjing irresistible. Gongyuan Street on the northern bank of the famous Qin Huai River (usually called Fuzimiao Street by locals) is the most bustling tour site in the city. It is one of China’s Four Famed Streets – the others being Wangfujing in Beijing, Xuanmiaoguan Street in Suzhou and Nanjing Road in Shanghai. You can sample various snacks, from the reputed Salted Soup Duck to Chinese dumplings in dozens of restaurants, stalls and shops on the street. The most famous snacks include spicy Gan Si, eggs boiled in tea, fried pancakes, duck blood soups, beef soup, dumplings and others. Famous restaurants include Wanqing Tower, Kuiguangge, Lao Zhengxing, Liu Feng Ju and so on.

Hunan Lu Dinning & Shopping Street

clip image004 thumb4 Snack Streets of NanjingLocated in the northwestern part of the city in Gulou District (Drum Tower District), this one kilometer long street is one of the most prosperous shopping streets in Nanjing with the famous Shiziqiao Food Street in the middle. This pedestrian street is filled with dozens of restaurants providing both Chinese and western-style food. The street is divided into three parts. The first part has restaurants serving typical local cuisine, among which Shiwangfu Restaurant is the best. The second part is called Chinese Food Street where various cuisines from different parts of China are found and the last, but not least, is the area which has food from Japan, Korea, India, Thailand and the west.

clip image006 thumb Snack Streets of NanjingThis street is a warm, lively place for local people who spend evenings there with friends. An annual flavored food festival is held to attract tourists.

Hanfu Street

Hanfu Street, opposite Nanjing Presidential Hall, is the latest food street to be developed and has restaurants run by people from other cities in China. They cover all kinds of food from throughout the country including spicy Sichuan cuisine, ethnic Guizhou food, folk dishes of Northeast China and Shanghai Cuisine.

Characters thumb10 Snack Streets of Nanjing

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