Noodles in Chinese Cooking

 Noodles in Chinese Cooking

Chinese noodles

As Chinese traditional flour food, noodles are most popular in Chinese daily diet. In vast areas of north China and especially in the countryside, noodles are served throughout the year and are favored with other forms of wheat products, like steamed or fried buns, dumplings and clay oven rolls. Noodles are also common in the south of China, where they are treated as snacks or served when there are guests for dinner.

Usually, noodles are made with rice or legume flour, with the shape of pieces or long strips. Some of them are also made with seasoned mincemeat as the filling. They are normally boiled, or to someone’s taste, with a frying pretreatment. Northern noodles are famed for??, literally Handy Pulled Noodles, a type of smooth and tough noodles made by a repeated fold-pulling process with a paste. In the south, noodles material is often combined with yolks and a kind of Fine Dried Noodles is much more prevalent.

 Noodles in Chinese Cooking

Chinese noodles

There are many distinctive recipes for noodles and it can be hard to enumerate them throughout. In Hong Kong, a type of noodles called ???is widely popular. These noodles are made of duck eggs and boiled with Wontons, which gives noodles a favorable toughness and introduces a dainty tasty. Beijing Dry Sauce Noodles, like spaghetti, mixed a special sauce over dry hot noodles and are famous for being savory and sweet. Besides, with some spice and preserved mustard pickle, Sichuan Dandan Noodles are known for a tasty flavor of hot and sour, especially from the soup of noodles.

The earliest recordation of noodles can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, which indicates that Noodles have been enjoyed in China for almost 2000 years. Now Chinese noodles are being spread overseas.


If you have never tasted them, why not find a Chinese restaurant to have some centuries-old, varied, palatable and spicy Chinese noodles?

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  1. Best Chinese Recipes says:

    chinese noodle looks great, can you post some cooking ways of these noodles? thanks

  2. fusu says:

    Noodles are digestible. They are nice with Chinese five spice and Chinese style curry. Of course vegetables are good to eat with this and some oil. That is all bits mixed in together. Noodles of different grains are nice.

  3. fusu says:

    Noodles can be made of flour from different grains. They also come in the form of spaghetti that itself comes in the form of pasta.

  4. fusu says:

    Ash reshteh is a special noodle dish.

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