Long Chaoshou

clip image002 thumb13 Long Chaoshou"Chao shou" is a unique way Sichuan people refer to wontons, which literally means making wontons in the shape of folded hands.

In the 1940s, Zhang Guangwu, owner of the "Fragrant Teahouse", founded a wonton restaurant named "Long Chao Shou." The dumplings offered by the restaurant were praised for their thin wrappers, tender meat filling and delicious soup.

clip image004 thumb2 Long ChaoshouIngredients: pork 1.25kg, wheat flour 1.5, pepper powder 4g, soy sauce 35g, 7eggs, ginger juice 25 kg, sesame oil 25g, salt 35g.

Directions: 1. Prepare the soup. Cook hen, pork tripe, ham and leg bone with high heat in fresh water. 2. Put in a bowl minced tendon-free pork, salt, water, egg, soy sauce, ginger juice, sesame oil, and pepper powder. Stir well. 3. Make dough with wheat flour, 1.5 egg and water. Make thin sheet and cut into 7cm-square skins. Put the meat on the skin and make them into the shape of folded hands. 4. Put Chao shou in boiling water, cook with moderate heat for several minutes. Serve in prepared soup with salt, pepper powder, and monosodium glutamate.

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