Local Snacks of Xining City

clip image002 thumb5 Local Snacks of Xining CityXining is the capital of Qinghai Province, playing an important role as the center of the provincial politics, economy, culture, education, science, transport and communications. Built in 222AD, this old west city bears typical characteristics of coexistence of multi-ethnic and multi-religious cultures. Xining is not only a Chinese Excellent Tourism City due to the beautiful city scene and the cool temperature in summer, it is also a unique place for snacks which are also fascinating, and attract numerous visitors from within as well as from abroad. Some of the famous ones are introduced as follows.

clip image004 thumb4 Local Snacks of Xining CityLiangfen (bean jelly) is made from pea powder and cut into short strips. Liangfen is served with vinegar, chili and mashed garlic, mustard and salt to enhance the taste of the dish.

Niangpi is a popular snack made of flour and baking soda. It can be found anywhere in Xining for four-Yuan. The most famous version of this snack is called Mazhong Niangpi and can be found in the Mojia Street.

Zasui Tang is a soup cooked with lamb and oxen entrails. Locals often eat this snack for breakfast. The hot soup helps warm people during the winter.

Muslim Yoghurt is a must while in Xining – this breakfast is a kind of yoghurt made by local Muslim families and is served in small bowls for one Yuan.

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