How to Cook Dandan Noodles

Dandan noodles are famous Chengdu snack made with rolled noodles and fried pork. The long and thin noodles are crystal bright, smell fragrant, taste with a slightly salty and spicy flavor, and can be adjusted according to individual preference. The dish spreads far and wide in Sichuan Province, often served as a dessert in banquet by the people there as well as many northern and western places of China.

Material Preparation


Main Ingredients: noodles 500 grams, pork 50-100 grams. 

Assistant Ingredients: 1 spoonful of sweetened soybean paste (or sesame soy), 2 spoons of soy sauce, some chopped green onions. 

Spices: 1 spoon chili oil (one may increase or reduce the amount to the personal preference), 1 coffee spoon of MSG (or chicken essence), 1 spoon cooking wine, 1 tablespoon of vinegar. 



1. Heat the oil till medium temperature, next fry minced meat.


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2. Add the cooking wine, sweet soybean paste and soy sauce, stir-fry until the color turns bright, then place them into a bowl.

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3. Add the MSG, chopped green onions, vinegar, and chili oil into the bowl so as to produce a good taste for standing by.

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4. Bring the water to boil in the pot, and then cook the noodles until there is no white-core in the transversal surface (which means the noodles have just been cooked).

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5. Get the noodles out of the water and place them into a plate, add the minced meat well produced before, and then mix and stir evenly.

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6. Okay! Here is the last step: take a deep breath with your nose – and – just enjoy yourself!

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