Eating in Haikou

clip image002 thumb7 Eating in HaikouWhen visiting Haikou, the provincial capital of Hainan Island, you will find seafood almost in every fine restaurant. Famous local specialties such as Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck and Dongshan Mutton are also served as a must. It is said that Hainan mutton is prepared in a special way, hence it bears several unique attributes that are not often associated with mutton, soft, pure fragrant, making it much more appetizing to many people. These tasty dishes are highly recommended for visitors!

Seafood restaurants in Haikou fall into two categories. One is the up-market variety where the décor and service is as much of the dining experience as the quality of the food. Such places are the Jinghao Restaurant on Binhai Avenue and Nanzhuang Restaurant on Haixiu Avenue. These extra touches come at a price, so eating in these venues is relative expensive. The alternative is the one on the roadside where you will see the seafood alive, breathing and kicking in the tank! This kind of restaurant is much more reasonably priced, especially if it is merely the hunger you with to satisfy. Popular venues in this category include those on Haixiu Middle Road and on Xinbu Island.

Characters thumb6 Eating in Haikou

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