The Moon Represents My Heart

clip image002 thumb4 The Moon Represents My Heart "The Moon Represents My Heart" is a famed song written by lyricist Sun Yee and composer Tony. The debut is by the singer Chan Fenlan, followed by Liu Guansen, but none of the two interpretations had much impression left. Later, Teresa Teng heard the song at the tour of Southeast Asia. Via her affectionate interpretation, the song immediately became a well-known classical music among the Chinese people world, and during the later twenties years, it has even been remade or adapted by no fewer than 70 artists such as Faye Wong, Qi Qin, David Tao and other famous singers. While the lyrics of this song are the expression of the yearning lover, many Chinese people also understand it as a deep yearning for home.

The lyrics?

lyrics thumb The Moon Represents My Heart

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  1. K. L. says:

    Thanks for info on song.
    When was the song written, first published?

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