clip image002 thumb1 TangzhuangThe traditional Chinese attire, called Tangzhuang, which originated at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), has been quite popular in recent years.

It is taken for granted that Tangzhuang is a title for clothes of traditional Chinese feature. Ironically, during the Tang Dynasty (AD 617-907), the trend was actually hufu (hu is a general term for the northwestern minorities and fu means garments). The fact is that, being a very prosperous period in Chinese history, the Tang Dynasty has become a pronoun of China, referring to something with China’s characteristics or tradition, such as “Tangrenjie,” or Chinatown.

Qipao and Tangzhuang are popularly regarded as traditional Chinese clothing in popular media throughout the world. This is because these were influenced and introduced by the Manchus who ruled China during the Qing Dynasty. As a result, the Manchus introduced their culture and inevitably forcibly established their style of dress displacing the native Han Chinese clothing of previous generations.

Today, with a great variety of styles, colors and materials, the Tangzhuang is getting more popular among the Chinese people. Wearing traditional attire is in vogue in China since the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was held in Shanghai in October, 2001. At the meeting, all 20 participating leaders wore traditional Chinese jackets in royal blue, scarlet or olive, embroidered with round patterns of peonies – China’s national flower.

In fact, Tangzhuang has been creeping back into fashion in recent years, and the Shanghai summit served as a stimulus to enhance its popularity.

Other social factors which have pushed Tangzhuang into the centre of China’s fashion include China’s successful bid for the 208 Olympic Games and entry into the World Trade Organization. In addition, with the efforts of excellent designers from China and abroad, oriental attire has also become popular overseas.

Dear reader, have you ever seen Tangzhuang in your country? Do you like it or not? Please share us with you idea and leave the comments.

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