The Qingyuan Recycling Demonstration Base

clip image002 thumb8 The Qingyuan Recycling Demonstration BaseThe recycling industry in Qingyuan City has a history of over 20 years. Since its inception, it has grown into a large-scale industry with local characteristics and an excellent reputation for collection, dismantling and processing waste materials.
Some RMB 1.5 billion has been invested in the China Qingyuan Recycling Resource Demonstration Base, invested and operated by the Qingyuan Huaqing Recycling Resource Investment and Development Co., Ltd, which was co-founded by the China Renewable Resources Development Company and the Guangdong Xinyaguang Electrical Cable Co., Ltd.

After all the projects are completed, the base has been the largest renewable resources collecting, dismantling and processing factory in the world. It has the capacity to handle 3 million tons of waste hardware, electrical appliances, motors, electric wires, cables, metals and plastics, and produce RMB 50 billion worth of recycled industrial raw materials every year. The first-phase construction, completed in 2006, cover 50 hectares of land. The second and third phases cover an area of more than 210 hectares, will be fully constructed by 2015.

clip image004 thumb The Qingyuan Recycling Demonstration BaseFeaturing unified planning, lawful operations and the implementation of a unified policy, the base is the first in China’s recycling industry to boast modernized management with a platform for the exchange of information, labor, logistics, trade, technology and capital. It has centralized sewage and waste treatment plants, and leads the way in training its technicians and workers.

Most recycling enterprises are still small-scale operations with disintegrated management systems. The Qingyuan mode is the exact opposite. And in terms of reducing energy consumption increasing the processing ratio and reducing secondary pollution, the base is considered a model for others to follow.

Characters thumb5 The Qingyuan Recycling Demonstration Base

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