China’s Skin Care Market

clip image002 thumb7 China’s Skin Care MarketIn China’s skin care market, the competition among home-made, joint-ventured and imported products is getting increasingly fierce. Foreign and joint venture brands mainly dominate in the top grade market, where there are small profits and a quick turnover. Currently there are over 1300 skin care products in Chinese market. Skin care sales account for 26-35 percent, according to the regions, of the total cosmetics sales, because the purchase rate and usage rate of skin care products are relatively high in China.

Under fierce competition, domestic brands have been multi-polarized. Some once famous brands have died out or declined to regional brands. While most domestic makers are struggling to survive, Shanghai Jahwa, Beijing Sanlu and Shenzhen Lisida, who have stressed attention on brand value and on establishing a strong brand, have made great progress in the market and have gained achievements in the middle and low grade market. As transnational corporations are using China’s market to realize their worldwide expansion goals, the pricing and distribution network advantages domestic brands once they will disappear.

In recent years, along with the boost of skin care industry, industries such as Cosmetic Newspaper, China Cosmetics, Commodity Chemical Information, Beauty and Fashion, and Trends are widely welcomed by consumers. Market research institutions deal more and more with this profitable industry, such as the status of global skin care market, China skin care market, demand and supply of skin care raw materials, sales channels of skin care products, leaders in the skin care market, current consumer psychology, and trends of skin care market.

Characters thumb7 China’s Skin Care Market

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  1. Warts On Face says:

    Skincare is a huge market. I would love to see Chinese skincare products focus on all natural ingredients. It’s the only type I would buy.

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