Wugang Cutting the Osmanthus Tree

clip image002 thumb4 Wugang Cutting the Osmanthus TreeAnother legend goes that there is a huge verdant osmanthus tree, as tall as 500 meters, in front of the Guanghan Palace( Wide and Cold Palace). Under the intertwined tree branches there is a man who is wielding an ax chopping it.

But this tree has magical power and the cut pointing can immediately recovers every time. The endless chopping and then recovering goes on for thousands of years and the tree still grows verdantly and heavily sheltered the palace beside. The man was said from the Han Dynasty and called Wugang. He once followed an immortal to practice immortal skills. Wu successfully learnt the skill and flew to the heaven. Soon afterward, he made a serious mistake and was demoted to the Moon Palace (Guanghangong) to do this painful and endless task.

characters thumb2 Wugang Cutting the Osmanthus Tree

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One Response to Wugang Cutting the Osmanthus Tree

  1. fusu says:

    Trees and plants do have astounding healing properties. These are used by others to work this craft on themselves.

    Other kinds of nature are much sturdier and steadier than oneself.

    Elements are in balance.

    Different kinds of matter do not understand each other’s existence.

    Some kinds of matter are more important than others.

    Both kinds of matter are alike. One shows another the likeness.

    The setting is an illusion.

    As the magical tree lasts forever so will the person.

    Deeds are kept marked in dimensions.

    Usage of weapons is not fitting.

    Tree spirit’s magic deals with human spirit’s skill.

    Trees and other ornamentals in a palace ground have been placed with a reason.

    The palace may be haunted by ghosts.

    Fire can take on both the tree and the person but with or without the fire, air is important to both. Many elements fill the space of air.

    Nature makes room for shifts.

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