The Creation of the World

clip image001 thumb3 The Creation of the WorldChinese creation myth is so unique in that heaven, earth, gods and man are an undifferentiated whole. That is the origin of the Chinese world view of harmony of man and nature.

The most popular myth in this respect is Pangu the Creator. It is popular among most peoples in China. There are almost ten versions, oral and written. Let us look at this most well-known one and work out some most basic motifs of Chinese culture.

At first the universe was in chaos. In the shape of an egg, it was an undifferentiated, indivisible whole. Pangu the Creator was born into this entity. He was an almighty giant. He kept growing every day until he separated the universe into heaven and earth with his sheer muscular strength. When this was done, the sky and the earth were still connected at various points. So he stuck to his work with a chisel and an axe until the great feat was accomplished. After this, he continued growing and so was the world, with the sky and the earth farther and farther apart. He lived for thousands of years till he died of exhaustion.

Upon his death, his body changed into various things. His breath became winds and clouds, with the clearer breath going up to heaven, the coarser part sinking down to earth. His left eye turned into the sun and his right eye became the moon. His arms and legs were transformed into the four corners of the earth and parts of his body turned into the various mountains. His blood formed the rivers and his veins the roads. His flesh became the soil and his skin and body hair were transformed into the trees and plants. His teeth and bones turned into rocks and metals, his marrow changed into pearls and jade. His hair and mustache were transformed into stars. His sweat fell as rain, nourishing all things. The insects on his body took the shape of men and women. Hence the world finally became what it looks like today.

Characters thumb9 The Creation of the World

2 Responses to The Creation of the World

  1. fusu says:

    Humans would have taken in the traits of hallowed Pangu the Maker’s body.

    One must get themselves in fitness so that their mind and body can do workouts.

    One who is able needs a craft. With a craft come skills and tools for a trade.

    Hallowed Pangu the Maker helped make the solar system and the milky way.

    One can spread evenly the tasks to get a wishful outcome.

    The existence has other worldly orgins.

    Hallowed Pangu the Maker came into being for a purpose.

    Things that seem to have life in them and things that do not seem to have in them have other worldly sources.

    Beings other than ourselves do exist.

  2. fusu says:

    Things that seem to have life in them and things that do not seem to have life in them have other worldly sources.

    Every kind of matter is of worth. Everything is something that is not one’s own.

    The body is dead but the bits of the ghost are alive.

    Hallowed Pangu the Maker’s body was all of such worth that it became many different things. From this the body is to be treated well as it has such great origins.

    The awoken life of daily living stays in the artwork of showing reality. The asleep life of daily sleeping stays in the artwork of hidden fantasy. The asleep life in daily living is daydreaming. The asleep life of nightly living is nightdreaming. The awoken life of nightly living is the night shift work/reading. The awoken life in daily living is day shift work/reading. Sleeping and waking need to be in harmony.

    A craft may give one a trade.

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