Nuwa Mended the Fallen

clip image002 thumb5 Nuwa Mended the FallenThis is one of many Chinese flood myths that reflect the tortuous course of prehistory China.

The fight of gods resulted in the disasters of the people. Nuwa, the creator of man, would not allow this to continue. She must save her offspring and the world that she started the arduous task by mending the sky.

She collected rocks, melted them in a pot and used the thick liquid to mend the holes. When this was done, she thought out a way to prop up the collapsed sky. She caught a giant tortoise, cut off its legs and used them to support the four corners of the sky. The sky was back in its place, the rains stopped.

She killed or drove away the predatory animals and birds plaguing people. Among the most ferocious animals, there was a black dragon that stirred up floods. She killed the dragon. The flood gradually receded.

At the same time, to bring the flood under complete control, Nuwa collected all the reeds she could, burned them all and used the ashes to block, divert and channel the angry torrents. The big flood was finally tamed.

Things came back to normal. The world was alive again. The sky was clear. The sun bathed living creatures. Fine rains nourished trees and plants. The seasons rotated in good order. Hot and cold spells followed each other in good time. Fierce animals and birds were killed or perished. Friendly animals were domesticated. Fields produced bumper crops. Man was relieved from want of food. Babies could be left in bird nests without being hurt. The nests swung with the trees in gentle breezes, serving as ideal natural cradles.

Nuwa died of exhaustion, quite content with what she had done to her offspring. Like Pangu the Creator of the World, she did not perish. She transformed into various things in the universe. One of her bowels turned into ten gods in the great plane of the west. They formed a line of guardians of the plain.

characters thumb1 Nuwa Mended the Fallen

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  1. fusu says:

    Other beings had damaged the stability of the immediate cosmos. Moreover this might have led to different natural effects of creation all coming together causing instability to arise. Hallowed Nuwa used her skills to try to mend the damage to the immediate area. Known life were witnesses to these events. It was possibly Hallowed Nuwa’s job to fix the situation. The battles involving other beings would likely have been political. Those beings would have had some similar qualities that are recognised by humans and others that cannot relate to human existence.

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