"Naked Marriage" in China

During these years, many Chinese people are enthusiastically in the Judgments of such a phenomenon – "naked marriage" – "Do not buy a house, do not buy a car, do not do weddings, even do not buy wedding rings, just direct register and get married." Some people support it and argue that this reflects exactly the priceless true love. While some others debate that such marriage is so "independent" and "freedom", so "thrifty" and "material benefit", they question it "back to nature" or "the requires of progressed times"?

clip image002 thumb1 "Naked Marriage" in ChinaI somewhat agree with the naked marriage due to its meaning in reality, that is, to oppose extravagance, waste, or blind comparisons. However, I don’t think it is widely and positively accepted, at least emotionally unacceptable. If it does, the "naked" couples are just taken regard showing their "lonely" and "helpless" to the brutal material-oriented reality.

Does loving a person have to be built on the basis of a certain material? Pondering upon the war years, comradely love is perhaps a revolution needs, or it may be named a belief. During the material deprivation period lovers does not expect comfort but only yearn for a survive. Nevertheless, love are like gold in this period, solid, and sparkling timeless light. Today, love has totally immersed in drastic "competition" and got real gold wrapped. "Ahead of consumption" tells young people must "wear a nice suit even not eat your fill yet"; there are a large number of the "heavily indebted", the "biter of the elderly" who have been so deeply used to the monstrous pleasure, desperately surviving in the bubble economy and being ashamed of anything frugal that considered losing their faces. The "naked marriage clan", though naked of material, are recognized by the genuine empressement and peerless courage from the bottom of their hearts.

Grandpa married Grandma with only "half bucket rice"; father married mother with just the price of "half pig" – the "three big things",watch, bicycle and sewing machine; now it is the turn for the son’s marriage, the whole family are involved for a house – the down payment spends the father and mother’s "half-life", and the mortgage spends the couples’ another "half-life".

Today, for the parents, the "naked marriage" is actually a manner the sons and daughters show their filial piety. For the men and women really love each other, the "naked marriage" is of course a temporary practical burden-offloading marriage. I would like to sincerely praise the girls who dare of holding "naked marriage"; their bravery, courage, sincerity, and truth would finally trade future’s happiness as well as the boyfriend’s thanksgiving.

There is an old saying in China that harmony brings treasure – as long as the couple living in harmony, everything are likely to be prosper. It is undoubted that the husbands from "naked marriage tribe" would always remember they own their wives a "diamond ring" and thus would try very hard. "Lonely" and "helpless" is just the moment of transition, never means all for the marriage. For those "naked married" couples it should be believed that better life is waiting right there in the future!

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  1. USBTV says:

    It can not happen on a larger scale,without
    A more progressive attitude toward Chinese women.

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