Kuafu Chased the Sun

Kuafu chased the sun is a famous mythology story in China which embodies the supernatural heroism of man.

clip image001 thumb1 Kuafu Chased the SunIt was said that Kuafu lived on a mountain called “Heaven Pillar” in the northern wilderness. He was the ancestor of the giants in Bofu Country. Kuafu could cover hundreds of miles at a stride. He looked fierce with a yellow serpent on each of his ears and in each of his hand. However, he was actually a gentle and a kind man except a little bit impatience. He was determined to prove himself to be the number one giant of the world. He must get respect among the world of gods.

An Idea came to his mind – why not challenge the sun in a race since he was the fastest runner with very long legs?

He uprooted a tree tall enough to reach heaven and used it as a stick, in case he should use it at a pause in the course of the race.

Off he started as soon as he saw the sun rise in the east. Every step of him raised a gust of wind, a cloud of dust and a quake of mountains. All the eyes of the gods were fixed on him. It was indeed a magnificent competition shaking heaven and earth. On and on he ran in spite of great fatigue. Bit by bit he got closer to the sun. Sweating all over and very thirsty, he was scoff by the sun. Yet he went on. His excitement mounted with the shrinking of the distance between him and his rival.

clip image003 thumb1 Kuafu Chased the SunAt last, he got to the deep pit beyond which the sun was sinking. There he was, close enough to embrace the sun. He raised his arms, only to find them too weak to stretch. He was overcome by a surge of excitement and exhaustion. He had squat to quench his thirst. At a stretch he dried the Yellow River and Wei River. The thirst relieved only a little, but it was still unbearable. He knew that only the cool and sweet water in the North Sea could kill the thirst and revitalize his body.

Doggedly he moved on north, but he could no longer run. He pulled his legs, but they were too weak to support his giant body. He was too thirsty, too tired. The last ounce of his strength was running out. All of sudden, he collapsed, his tremendous weight shaking heaven and earth, the deafening sound reverberating across mountains and valleys. His body became a huge mountain his stick grew into a huge peach garden. With the nourishment of his flesh and blood, the peach wood kept expanding until it covered thousands of square miles.

The mountain of his body was named after his name, but it was later renamed as the Qin Mountain. The peach forest was named Denglin Forest. This magic wood was not only lush, green and productive, but also revitalizing and rejuvenating.

Kuafu’s offspring set up a country beyond the North Sea. It was named Bofu. But to commemorate him, people preferred to call it Kuafu.

Characters thumb6 Kuafu Chased the Sun

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