Hucheng – the Talisman of Doctor

clip image002 thumb15 Hucheng – the Talisman of DoctorIn ancient times, some Chinese doctors walked everywhere to collect and test the efficacy of various drugs; they were usually holding a bell that looks like a copper ring, known as Hucheng (in literal Tiger prop up, or Tiger Bear). This is their talisman.

clip image006 thumb Hucheng – the Talisman of DoctorAccording to the legend, the Medicine King Sun Simiao, once on his way to the mountain mining herbs was suddenly stopped by a tiger. As the tiger was close in front, to escape was obviously impossible, and though the Medicine King had carried himself with a shoulder pole used to pick herbs, this clumsy pole was uneasy to deal with tigers. He measures nothing but fear, staring at the tiger. The strange thing is that the tiger was not descending quickly to him. On the contrary, it’s opening its mouth wide on the ground, sadly watching the eyes of Medicine King seemed to be begging for anything, and kept swinging his head gently. The Medicine King was shocked by this amazing scene before his eyes, he slowly neared the front of the giant head and saw a huge bundle of animal bones deep into the throat of the tiger. The kindhearted Medicine King wanted to help it to get rid of this pieclip image004 thumb8 Hucheng – the Talisman of Doctorce of bone, but his concern was that if this creature suddenly shut up because of the immediate pain, then he would be bitten the arm. Right at this moment, he remembered a copper ring on his pole, then he removed the copper ring into the tiger’s mouth so as to widen the big mouth, as a result, he would no longer have to worry about their own safety. He took his hand across the center of the copper ring, stretching into the big bloody month and quickly pulling the bone out, and the cast ointment in the wound deftly. When the Medicine King took away the copper ring from the tiger’s mouth, the tiger could not help nodding in appreciation of this kind doctor. Since then, copper rings have been transformed into a bell, as a symbol of herbs mining; all the doctors would bring it out when digging herbs in order to show that they were disciples of the Medicine King, the only one who the tigers can looking for and will not be influenced by their attacks.

Characters thumb15 Hucheng – the Talisman of Doctor

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