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Theory of Evolution in China

In 2003, a survey on public scientific literacy showed how prevalent the theory of evolution in China: 71.8% of the Chinese public recognized "Human beings are evolved from early animal." This conclusion is much higher compared to the West, the original birthplace the theory of evolution. In 1895 the General’s Office of Northern Naval College, [...]

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Qian Xuesen

-  "My given name is Qian (money), but I do not like money." -  "My career is in China; my success is in China; my destination is in China." -  "We cannot just parrot, this is not the scientific spirit; the most important thing of the spirit is innovation." Qian Xuesen (11 Dec. 1911 – [...]

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Bird’s Nest Stadium

As one of Beijing’s landmarks, the National Stadium (or Bird’s Nest Stadium) is situated in the north part of Beijing’s mid-axis. As the main venue of the Olympic Games 2008, it was for the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field competitions, men’s soccer tournament finals and other events. It also served as one of [...]

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