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“Huaguang” Phototypesetting Laser System

Traditional newspaper and books are printed in type. Therefore, it can not be separated from the “lead” and “fire.” At that time, metallic lead was melt by fire, then cast into type. This labor-intensive process polluted the environment and did harm to typesetters’ good health. With the development of computer technology, electronic laser technology had [...]

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“Long March No.1” Nuclear Submarine

On December 26,1970, the Chinese launched the first nuclear-powered attack submarine, which is the first Han class nuclear-powered attack submarine. On August 1, 1974, the Central Military Commission issued an order to name the nuclear submarine “Long March No.1”, and enlisted it into the navy commission. The overall design of “Long March No.1” began from [...]

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China’s Civil Service Selection Examination

China’s civil service selection examinations are the kind examination held by the state administrative in order to select talented people. Chinese citizens who want to enter the central authority need to participate in the national civil service examinations; if the local authority, then take part in local examinations. Since 90s of the 20th century, China [...]

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