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You are welcome to watch these set of video clips that gives you a taste of the Chinese language If this tasting opened your appetite and you would like to delve into the Chinese language and learn it thoroughly, you should sign up for our online Chinese lessons with Beijing’s most qualified teachers

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Official Tree and Flowers of Beijing

While many people are capable of numerating a dozen of palaces of interests in Beijing, few of them could tell the city trees or the city flowers of it. The representative plants selected as the symbols of China’s capital, bear the very traits that assemble the people living in it. Official city trees: the Chinese [...]

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Doctoral Employment of China

Over the last decade the number of doctoral graduates, from 1995’s 4,151 to 2008’s 41,460, makes a rapid growth with the annual average growth rate of 19.4%. A survey of "China Doctor Quality Analysis" shows that the doctoral employment in China has diversified development trend. The proportion of the doctors choosing universities, research institutes, or [...]

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