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National Flag and Emblem

You may have seen Chinese national flag and national emblem, but do you know how they come into being and what the meaning they stand for? The flag of the People’s Republic of China is red in color and it has five yellow stars. The color red symbolizes the spirit of the revolution, and the [...]

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Chinese Idiom – One’s Spear Contradicts His/her Own Shield

This idiom is rooted to an interesting old story and is still widely used in today’s daily life. Once upon a time, a man in the state of Chu had a spear and a shield for sale. He loudly praised his spear and shield. Very soon, a big crowd gathered around him. “Look,” said the [...]

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Jiang Taigong Fishing, Those Who Are Willing to Hook

Jiang Taigong is a popular name for Jiang Ziya, a statesman and strategist of King Wen of the Zhou State in ancient China. He, at the age of 80, helped the young King Wu overthrow the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty. Jiang was a senior official during the reign of King Zhou of [...]

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