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Cricket Fighting

The cricket culture in China dates back 2000 years and encompasses singing insects and fighting crickets. During the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 A.D.) the crickets were respected for their powerful ability to “sing”. It was during this time that they started being captured and kept in cages so their songs could be heard all [...]

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Legendary Pharmacist – Li Shizhen

Li Shizhen (1518-1593) was a great Chinese pharmacist in the Ming Dynasty. Born in Jinzhou of Hubei Province, Li Shihen decided to follow the trace of his father, a local renowned medical man, to study traditional Chinese medical science. He was very interested in the proper classification of the components of nature. His major contribution [...]

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The Legend of Emperor Taizu

Emperor Taizu, Zhao Kuangyin (927-976), was the founder of the Song Dynasty of China, reigning from 960 to 976. His family was of fairly modest origins and cannot be traced back with certainty further than the late Tang dynasty. Zhao Kuangyin had little interest in a classical education and also joined the military eventually rising [...]

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