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Shehuo is now one of the traditional shows for rural people of northern west of China to celebrate Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). The show consists of Gao Qiao (stilts- walking), Pao Han Chuan (boat rowing on the ground), dragon and lion dancing etc. The string players make up as local opera figures and move [...]

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Chinese Elder Day

The Elder Day is the Double-Nine Festival, the 9th day of 9th lunar month. The Chinese called this festival Chong-Yang Jie. The new generation in China don’t celebrate this festival, because this is not a fun day for young people. So people forget the legend. The story of the Double-Nine Festival began in the Han [...]

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Moon in Chinese Celestial Cosmology

The choice of the festival’s theme – celebrating the glories and mysteries of the moon — was a natural. Along with the sun, the moon has long been an object of human curiosity and worship. "It is probable that sun and moon were early held to be deities and that they were the first visible [...]

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