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Dragon Boat Festival: Zong Zi

The Dragon Boat Festival (or Duan Wu Festival in Chinese) is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It is a day to remember the great poet Qu Yuan, who was a loyal official in the State of Chu in ancient China and deeply loved by his people. Qu Yuan drowned himself on [...]

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Liu Bi Ju

Many countries in the world have the habit of eating pickles. The Chinese, especially the Northern, are also very fond of them. Speaking of pickles, Beijing Liu Bi Ju must be mentioned as being not only the leading enterprise of pickles manufactory, but also a nationally renowned brand experienced a long history. Liu Bi Ju’s [...]

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Herb Tea – Wang Lao Ji

Liangcha (literally, Herbal tea) is a China’s unique herb-stewed drink, cold and cool as herbs, which can eliminate the body’s heat in summer or treat sore throat and other diseases caused by winter dryness. In the Guangdong area, people like to drink herbal teas as if it were a necessity of their daily lives. One [...]

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