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What’s on the Cantonese Dinning Table

When the Minor Heat, one of the 24 Chinese solar terms comes, the temperature would rise to its highest point of the year. During this period, it seems that the Cantonese could not live without melons, such as white gourd, towel gourd and cucumbers. White gourd has a great variety, Taishan’s white gourd with black [...]

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Hybrid Rice

Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, China has made one after another outstanding achievements in agriculture technology, one of which is the successful development of indica hybrid rice. With the application of this technology since 1976, China’s total rice cultivation lands have grown such rice, which aded rice output by some 240 [...]

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Luoyang Water Banquet

Luoyang Water Banquet (Luoyang Shuixi), also called soup banquet, is not simply a drinking test, but one of the most traditional Chinese cuisines. The history of this local custom can be traced back over a thousand years. Luoyang is a city surrounded by mountains, and the weather here is cold and dry. In ancient time, [...]

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