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Snack Streets of Nanjing

Fuzimiao Street (Gongyuan Street) Most travelers find local delicacies in Nanjing irresistible. Gongyuan Street on the northern bank of the famous Qin Huai River (usually called Fuzimiao Street by locals) is the most bustling tour site in the city. It is one of China’s Four Famed Streets – the others being Wangfujing in Beijing, Xuanmiaoguan [...]

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Huguosi Snack

Huguosi snack is a representative of the Beijing local snacks, well-known by its rich variety?prominent features, and profound historical and cultural flavors. Huguosi, originally one of Beijing’s most bustling neighborhoods, got its name from the Huguo Temple, an old-line temple built in this area in the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1264-1295). During the past days, temple [...]

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The Guest Gets the Best

The guest of honor natural receives the choicest morsels, and is expected to lead the way when necessary. With a fish course, the fish head would be left for the guest of honor – and it is the most nutritious part (the eyes and lips are the valued delicacies offered to the senior lady present). [...]

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