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China’s Retail Industry

In 2004, the retail market capacity grew steadily in China and the annual retail amount of the social consumables reached RMB 5395 billion, a 13.3% year-on-year. The actual growth amounted to 10.2% with the inflation deducted. The urban-rural and regional differences are further expanding. The retail sales of urban consumables achieved RMB 3557.3 billion in [...]

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China’s Digital TV Industry

It is obvious that the digital TV pervasion radio in China is much lower than that of the globally average level, even a bigger gap between UK and USA, respectively. Reasons for this are various, including policy, bund and the lack of content, etc. China’s Cable TV (CATV) industry has a history of 30 years. [...]

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Shopping in Shanghai

Rising and thriving on the basis of commerce, Shanghai has long been a very famous shopping city in China, crowded with department stores, shopping malls, age-old stores, specialized shops, super-markets etc. Vying with one another for excellence in the market performance, Shanghai is able to offer a dazzling and endless array of commodities made either [...]

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