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The History and Changes of Agriculture (1)

Two thirds of the Chinese population are employed in the agricultural industry, making this sector the top consideration affecting Beijing’s policies. Representing the bases of national living standards, consideration for rural residents is not merely a matter of winning their favor, but also a matter of the survival of the Chinese Communist Party. Throughout China’s [...]

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China’s Skin Care Market

In China’s skin care market, the competition among home-made, joint-ventured and imported products is getting increasingly fierce. Foreign and joint venture brands mainly dominate in the top grade market, where there are small profits and a quick turnover. Currently there are over 1300 skin care products in Chinese market. Skin care sales account for 26-35 [...]

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Foreign Retail Enterprises in China

Foreign retail enterprises began trickling in China as early as 1992. By 2000, over 350 such enterprises were operating under various local sanctions, but only 40 of them had gained proper approval from the central government. A crackdown followed, presumably in anticipation of WTO entry, requiring foreign investors to conform to a set of trial [...]

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